HC Deb 01 April 1881 vol 260 cc467-8

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether, looking at the peculiar circumstances of the case, he would provide that captains who, through their regiment being disbanded or being compulsorily placed on half-pay, had not attained the rank of major, should not be retired at 42 years of age without some special consideration, such as an extension of time equal to that lost by such disbandment or compulsory half-pay, and that the same advantages should be given as have been given to other purchase officers?


Sir, I cannot hold out any expectation to my hon. and gallant Friend that I shall be able to make any change in the existing Regulations so far as they affect captains on half-pay who have been placed there either permanently or, some years ago, without any right or prospect of re-employment. But there may possibly be some cases of the latter, with which I am not acquainted, deserving inquiry; and, without holding out any hope in the matter, I have directed the subject to be carefully looked into by the committee now sitting.