HC Deb 04 September 1880 vol 256 cc1280-1

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Whether he can lay upon the Table of the House a Return of the number of prosecutions instituted by the Goldsmiths' Company for the last ten years against persons infringing the Acts relating to the Hall Marking of plate, with particulars relating to such prosecutions; and, further, if he can state whether the reward of £500 offered by the Goldsmiths' Company for the discovery of the person or persons who manufactured certain plate with forged Hall marks has had the effects of producing any evidence as to the perpetrators of the offence?


Sir, as I stated to my hon. Friend in reply to a former Question the Goldsmiths' Company have by statute largo powers conferred upon thorn with regard to these prosecutions, and act upon them quite independently of the Treasury. It would, therefore, be more convenient if he would address himself directly to the officers of the Company, who would be happy to furnish him with any information on the subject which he may require. I have, however, made inquiries, and am informed, on behalf of the Company, that there would probably be no difficulty in furnishing the Return in question; but, as it would require some research, perhaps my hon. Friend will communicate with the secretary of the Company on the subject. With regard to the reward offered for the discovery of the perpetrators of the recent forgery of Hall marks, I am informed that no evidence has as yet been produced.