HC Deb 04 September 1880 vol 256 cc1276-7

asked the Secretary of State for India, Whether it will be possible, at any early date, to publish a list of the names of the killed and missing of the rank and file in the engagements under General Burrows and in the sortie at Candahar?


I have sent a telegram to the Viceroy on this subject, but I have been informed in reply that he is only in possession of the names of the officers who were killed or wounded in the engagements under General Burrows, at Khuskh-i-Nakhund, and in the sortie from Candahar. He has telegraphed to General Primrose for information in regard to the men who were killed or wounded, but he has not yet received any particulars. I may, perhaps, take this opportunity of reading to the House a telegram which has been received from General Roberts. It is dated 1st September, six in the evening, and was received to-day— Ayoub Khan's army to-day defeated, and completely dispersed, with, I hope, comparative slight loss on our side. The two lost guns of E. B. Royal Horse Artillery were recovered, and several field guns of various calibre fell to the splendid infantry of this force. Cavalry still in pursuit. The telegram contains a list of casualties amongst the officers, but it is at present impossible to ascertain the casualties amongst the Native troops. I have no reason to believe they were excessive, but full details will be telegraphed to-morrow. Ayoub Khan is supposed to have fled towards Herat.


asked the Secretary of State for India if he can now state, without detriment to the public service, whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government permanently to occupy Candahar?


Sir, I stated generally a short time ago what the views of the Government were in regard to Candahar. The Government of India have not been able to come to any further decision than that which I then announced, but certain recent events have not diminished, but have, on the contrary, rather increased, the difficulty of coming to an immediate decision as to our future relations with Candahar.