HC Deb 02 September 1880 vol 256 cc1156-7

said, that it was proposed to take the Committee on the Bill that day, and he wished to make a short statement in reference to a suggestion which he made at the commencement of the Sitting to the hon. Member for the City of Cork (Mr. Parnell). The hon. Member gave Notice of his intention to move an Instruction to the Committee to tack to the Bill certain clauses taken from another Bill which had been rejected by the House of Lords. On that Notice being given, he intimated to the hon. Member that, as the objection which he understood actuated the hon. Member was, to a great extent, shared in by hon. Members upon that side of the House, if he put his suggestion in the form of a substantive Motion, facilities might be offered for its discussion. The hon. Member said that he was willing to take that course; but that he desired the discussion to take place before the Committee upon this Bill, so that he might, if necessary, take the course he had previously indicated. He had since seen the terms of the substantive Motion which the hon. Member proposed to move, and he was compelled to say that it did not appear to him that that Motion had any analogy to the suggestion he made, and which, he understood, the hon. Member had accepted. He was not going to discuss the Motion itself; but he only wished to state that as the Motion was not such as he had indicated, it would not be possible for him, under the circumstances, after seeing its terms, to make any proposal to the House for giving exceptional facilities for its discussion. He had given private information to the hon. Member to that effect, and he, therefore, presumed he would revert to his original intention, and move an Instruction to the Committee. He might state that the first Business tomorrow would be the consideration of the Lords' Amendments to the Ground Game Bill, and that would be followed by the Committee on the Appropriation Bill.

House adjourned at One o'clock.