HC Deb 01 September 1880 vol 256 cc1016-8

Bill considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)

Clauses 1 to 3 agreed to.

Clause 4 (Act to apply to moneys in court).


moved, in page 2, at end, to add "or in the names of trustees nominated in pursuance of any Act of Parliament." He said it might happen that the moneys of the Universities and College were not standing in the name of the Trustees. It was to provide for such cases that he made this Amendment.

Amendment agreed to.


moved, in page 2, after Clause 4, to insert the following Clause:—

(Severance of Benefices from Headships of Colleges.)

"And whereas, by section seven of 'The Universities and College Estates Act Extension Act, 1860,' and the enactments therein referred to, provision is made for the severance of benefices from headships of Colleges by means of the sale of the advowsons of the benefices, and it is expedient that further and better provision be made for such severance: Be it therefore enacted, That where a benefice is by statute or otherwise annexed to the headship of a College as part of the endowment of the headship, and it appears that the endowments of the benefice are sufficient to bear such a charge as is hereinafter mentioned, the College may by deed charge the whole or any part of the land or other endowments of the benefice with the payment to the head of the College for the time being of such an annual sum, not exceeding one-half of such endowments, as is in the opinion of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England proper and adequate, regard being had to the value of the benefice, the requirements of the College and the population and other circumstances of the parish, and thereupon the advowson and right of presentation of and in such benefice shall be vested in the College freed and discharged from any trust in favour of the head from the time being: Provided, That the Ecclesiastical Commissioners shall, before determining the amount of such charge, communicate with the bishop of the diocese in which the benefice is situate, and shall duly consider any representations which he may address to them regarding the matter."

New Clause read a second time.

MR. BRYCE (in the absence of COLONEL MAKINS)

moved, as an Amendment to the foregoing clause, in line 13, after "England," to insert "and of the bishops of the diocese."

Amendment agreed to.


moved, in line 17 of the new clause, to leave out from "provided," to the end of Clause.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to, and added to the Bill.

Preamble agreed to.

Bill reported, with Amendments; as amended, to be considered To-morrow.

And it being Six of the clock, Mr. Speaker adjourned the House till Tomorrow, without putting the Question.