HC Deb 28 May 1880 vol 252 c640

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether a considerable force of constabulary were present at certain evictions which have recently taken place at Ahabeg, in the county Kerry; and, if so, what part they took in the proceedings?


Sir, there was eviction on the 10th instant of one family (nine persons) at Ahabeg, in the county of Kerry, for rent. There were seven police present at the eviction, which was under a writ from the Superior Courts, and the part they took in the proceedings was to protect the sub-sheriff and the bailiffs in carrying out the orders of the Court. Nevertheless, I am sorry to say, two of the bailiffs were badly beaten with sticks and stones, and that but for the presence of the police, the bailiffs, who had run here and there from their assailants, would have been seriously injured. One of the stones thrown struck the sub-sheriff.