HC Deb 27 May 1880 vol 252 cc608-9

Motion made, and Question, That a Committee be appointed to assist Mr. Speaker in all matters which relate to the printing executed by Order of this House, and for the purpose of selecting and arranging for Printing, Returns and Papers, presented in pursuance of Motions made by Members of this House,"—(Lord Frederick Cavendish,) —put, and agreed to.

Motion made, and Question proposed, That the Committee do consist of Lord FREDERICK CAVENDISH, Mr. PARNELL, Mr. HERMON, Mr. MASSEY, Mr. DUNCAN M'LAREN, Mr. PEASE, Sir CHARLES RUSSELL, Mr. WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, Mr. STANSFELD, Mr. SPENCER WALPOLE, Mr. WHITBREAD, and Mr. ROWLAND WINN:—Three to be the quorum."—(Lord Frederick Cavendish.)


said, he desired to draw the attention of the noble Lord the Secretary to the Treasury to the fact that on more than one Committee recently appointed there had been very few Scotch Members. In the present case there was but one, and he sat upon the opposite side of the House. He had no objection to urge to the name of the hon. Member for Edinburgh (Mr. D. M'Laren.) It was, however, only fair, especially as the Conservatives were so sparsely represented, that they should have some voice on these Committees, and he, therefore, asked the noble Lord to take the matter into consideration.

An hon. MEMBER asked that an Irish Member might be placed upon the Committee.


said, that those who were charged with forming these Committees were always anxious that all sides of the House should be represented, which he believed was the case with the present selection. He assured the hon. Member that there was not the slightest desire to restrict the number of Members, but it was by no means an easy matter to complete the list.

Question put, and agreed to.