HC Deb 24 May 1880 vol 252 c322

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If it is at present legal for the county surveyor, or for any official of the Board of Works, to execute, in whole or in part, those relief works which have been passed by the baronial sessions, but for which no contractor has been found to tender, or for which the contractor has refused to execute his tender; and, if it is not legal, will the Government take immediate steps to enable such works to be at once put in hand?


Sir, the Board of Works have no authority whatever to execute any works under the Belief of Distress (Ireland) Act. In cases where presentments have been made by the baronial sessions for works, but for the execution of which no tender has been received within the amount, of the presentment, or where the contractor refuses to execute the work, the Irish Government have been advised that in such cases the secretary of the Grand Jury should convene another meeting of the sessions, which it is his duty to do under the 9th clause of the "Instructions for the Justices," &c, issued under the authority of the Lord Lieutenant, for the re-consideration of such presentments, and for making arrangements for these works being proceeded with under the direction of the county surveyor.