HC Deb 24 May 1880 vol 252 cc312-3

SELECT COMMITTEE—Committee of Selection, Mr. Floyer, Mr. Denis O'Conor discharged; Mr. Mitchell Henry, Mr. Orr Ewing added.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee —Savings Banks *.

Resolution in CommitteeOrdered—First Reading —Burials* [1801; Licensing Laws Amendment* [183].

Resolution [May 21] reportedOrderedFirst Reading— -Public Works Loans* [171].

OrderedFirst Sending—Borough Franchise (Ireland)* [170]; Tost Office (Money Orders)*[172]; Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation* [175]; Leases* [177]; Parliamentary Elections (Returning Officers' Expenses)*[178]; Irish Church Act (1869) Amendment* [179]; Glebe Loan Acts (Ireland) Amendment* [181]; Tramway Orders Confirmation (No. 1)* [173]; Tramway Orders Confirmation (No. 2)* [174]; Gas and Water Orders Confirmation* [176]; Contagious Diseases Acts Repeal*[182]; Patents for Inventions* [184]; Fraudulent Debtors (Scotland)*[185]; Sligo Borough* [186].

Second Reading —Registration of Voters (Ireland)* [150].

Several Members took and subscribed the Oath