HC Deb 24 May 1880 vol 252 c330

asked the Secretary of State for India, If he will lay upon the Table of the House the Reportof the Departmental Committee on the engagement of Freight for account of the guaranteed Indian Railways, which was promised by the then Under Secretary in March of last year?


Sir, with regard to the Report of the Departmental Committee the matter stands thus. On the 10th of March last year, the hon. Member for Mid-Lincolnshire said that a small Departmental Committee would be appointed, and added, "I will lay their Report, when received, on the Table." On the 26th February this year the hon. Member said that, although he had stated that he would lay the Report on the Table, when the inquiry was made it was found that part at least of the evidence could only be obtained on the promise of secrecy; and it would, therefore, be impossible to produce it. I now have referred the matter back to the Members of the Committee who represented the India Office, for the purpose of ascertaining from them what portion of the evidence was obtained under promise of secrecy, and whether they can suggest any means, by the omission of names, or in any other way, whereby it would be possible to lay the Report, or a portion of it, on the Table of the House.