HC Deb 02 March 1880 vol 251 c152

said, he wished to put a Question to the hon. Baronet the Secretary to the Treasury with reference to a statement he made yesterday respecting the Post Office (Money Orders) Bill. He understood the hon. Baronet to say that he had postponed the Bill for a fortnight. When he brought the measure forward, would he object to move that it should be read a second time pro formâ, in order to give an opportunity of re-printing the Bill with the proposed Amendments, so that it might be made intelligible to the public? In its present state, he would defy anyone to understand it.


in reply, said, he was afraid he could not comply with the request of his hon. Friend. Last night he placed on the Table the Amendments which he intended to propose, and which would be printed and circulated as a separate Paper. After the Bill had passed the second reading, he would move that it should be re-committed pro formâ, with a view to its being re-printed with the Amendments.