HC Deb 17 June 1880 vol 253 cc201-2

gave Notice that in Committee on this Bill he would move the insertion of a clause to the effect that, having regard to the distress now existing in all parts of Ireland arising from failure of crops and unusual depression in the price of farm produce, it is desirable to suspend for two years all proceedings in ejectments in respect of agricultural holdings at and under £20, and it is hereby provided that all proceedings for the recovery of any land or tenement where a year's rent or more is in arrear be suspended for a period of two years from the passing of this Act.


asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with regard to the amendment of the Bill for the Relief of Distress in Ireland, on the subject of the temporary provisions regarding ejectment for non-payment of rent, When he will cause to be placed on the Table the Schedule mentioned in the said Amendment, showing the districts to which it is intended to apply; and, also, whether, having regard to the desirability of enabling Members to know approximately, before the conclusion of the debate on the Second Reading, the extent of the applicability of the Amendment, he will state generally the principle on which the Schedule of Districts is to be constructed?


Sir, I believe that the subject does not, strictly speaking, come within the scope of the debate on the second reading. I thought it would be convenient for every Member of this House who looked into the matter to have the Amendment on the Table as soon as I could put it, for the House, of course, will only assent to the principle of the second reading of the Bill which is before it, and the Amendment must come on when we go into Committee. With regard to the Schedule, I had hoped to have it ready yesterday. I trust I shall to-day. The principle upon which it will be framed is, that it will apply to those districts which have been scheduled for the purpose of loans at very cheap rates to landlords or to sanitary authorities, that being, to our mind, a proof of the distress existing in those districts. I do say that it will exactly correspond, but it will practically and substantially correspond, with that geographical description.