HC Deb 07 June 1880 vol 252 c1330

asked the Postmaster General, Whether it is a fact that telegrams can be sent in other European capitals at much cheaper rates than in London; and, whether he will consider the possibility of cheapening the cost of telegraphic messages within the Metropolis, if not for the country at large?


, in reply, said, that it was the case that in some Continental capitals, such as Berlin, Paris, and Vienna, telegrams could be sent within a certain circle of those capitals at a lower rate than they could be sent in London; or, rather, not telegraphic messages, but pneumatic messages, for he believed that they were sent by means of pneumatic tubes, and not by telegraph wires. In many Continental countries also, France and Belgium for instance, telegraphic messages of a certain length could be sent at a cheaper rate than in England. In these cases, however, the word-rate was adopted, so that some lengthy telegrams cost more than in England. It was obvious that the reduction of the price charged for telegrams was a matter involving financial considerations of great importance; but on entering Office he had immediately asked for information on the subject, and the information having been furnished him the subject was now engaging his most careful attention.