HC Deb 01 July 1880 vol 253 cc1249-50

asked the Secretary of State for India, Whether negotiations have been entered into by the Supreme Government of India and the Portuguese Government for the construction of a Railway to connect the Port of Goa with any town within the territory of British India; and, if such negotiations are completed; and, whether he will be so good as to lay the Agreement between the two Governments, and other Papers connected with the subject, upon the Table?


A Treaty has been concluded between Great Britain and Portugal, dated 26th December, 1878, under Article 6 of which Treaty it is agreed that whenever the Portuguese Government give notice to the British Government that a Joint- Stock Company has been formed for the construction of a Railway to connect the Port of Marmagoa to the town of New Huble, and upon Her Majesty's Government being satisfied that the concession by Portugal to the Company is suitable, and that the capital is forthcoming, Her Majesty's Government, on the part of the Government of India, engages to grant facilities in the construction and working so much of the undertaking as lies within British Indian territory, and to use its influence with Native Chiefs in obtaining for the Company similar facilities for so much of the line as may run through their territories; especially it is provided that the Indian Government shall provide land in their territory required for the Railway. It also undertakes to continue the Railway to the town of Bellary, where it will join the system of the Madras Railway Company. Since the conclusion of the Treaty, some Correspondence has passed between the India Office and the promoters of the proposed Company, which has been forwarded to the Government of India. The Treaty between the British Government and Portugal appeared in The London Gazette of 4th October, 1879. Until the Correspondence with the proposed Company is completed, I should think it premature to lay it on the Table.