HC Deb 01 July 1880 vol 253 c1239

gave Notice that to-morrow he would ask the Prime Minister, Whether, considering the uncertainty which prevails in regard to the French Commercial Treaty, he proposes to omit from the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill the provisions bearing upon the Wine Duties; and whether, in the event of proposing changes, he will announce them at the earliest moment, so as to terminate the state of uncertainty that is now affecting the interest of the wine trade?


Perhaps it will be convenient that I should say now what I should have to say at a later period. I propose on a future day—on Monday—to re-commit the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill pro forma. I shall then name a day for its re-consideration; and in the new Bill I do not propose to include the provisions relating to the Wine Duties, being aware of the great inconvenience which would result from prolonged uncertainty.