HC Deb 01 July 1880 vol 253 cc1238-9

Parliamentary Elections Act, 1868.

To The Right Honble.

The Speaker of the House of Commons.

We, the Honble. George Denman, and Sir Henry Lopes, kt., Judges for the trial of Election Petitions in England, do hereby, in pursuance of the said Act, certify,—

That upon the 23rd day of June and following days we held a Court at Bewdley for the trial of, and did try, the Election Petition for the Borough of Bewdley, between William Francis Spencer and John Blundell, Petitioners; and Charles Harrison, Respondent.

And, in further pursuance of the said Act, we certify that we determined that the said Respondent was not duly elected and returned, and that the said Election is void.

And we hereby certify in writing such our determination to you.

And whereas charges were made in the said Petition of corrupt practices having been committed at the said Election, we, in further pursuance of the said Act, report in writing to you as follows:—

  1. 1. That no corrupt practice was proved to have teen committed by or with the knowledge of any Candidate at the said Election.
  2. 2. That the following person! were proved at the said trial to have been guilty of corrupt practices at the said Election: viz. Thomas Nellist and Frederick Cole, of bribery.
  3. 3. That we have no reason to believe that corrupt practices extensively prevailed at the said Election to which the said Petition relates.




30 June, 1880.

And the said Certificates and Reports were ordered to be entered in the Journals of this House.

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