HC Deb 27 February 1880 vol 250 c1570

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If his attention has been drawn to the reports that, on Wednesday last, a public meeting to advocate Tenant Eight in the neighbourhood of Portadown was attacked by a large body of persons armed with bludgeons and other weapons and headed by a band of fifes and drums playing Orange party tunes; whether it is true that a notice or proclamation had been previously published denouncing the proposed Tenant Eight meeting as disloyal and seditious, and summoning the adversaries of Tenant Eight to attend and oppose it; whether it is true that many of the advocates of Tenant Eight present were severely struck and beaten and the meeting violently broken up; and, whether he can inform the House why the authorities took no precautions for the defence of a number of people engaged in holding a public meeting?


Sir, the circumstances referred to by the hon. Gentleman only took place about 48 hours ago, and I have been unable as yet to receive a report on the subject. Inquiry is being instituted into the subject.