HC Deb 26 February 1880 vol 250 cc1442-3

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, If it be the fact that the Committee on the Corps of Royal Marines contains, besides the two members of the Marine Office acknowledged by him, an officer formerly in the Marine Office, also an officer who was twice promoted out of his turn, also an officer to act as secretary who is or was employed on Judge Advocate General's work for the Marine Office, while the two other Marine officers are only of the rank of captain; if he had that information before him when he stated that Marine Office views are represented on the Committee by only two out of eight; and, if he will inform the House what subjects have been submitted to that Committee, or, at least, whether officers' grievances form one of these subjects?


The Departmental Committee on the corps of Royal Marines consists of officers whose names I will read to the House. The officers forming the Committee are Sir Astley Cooper Key, the First Naval Lord; Major General Adair, D.A.G.; Major General Williams, who from 1867 to 1872 held the office of Assistant Adjutant General, and has since been Colonel Commandant, R.M.A.; Major General Pym, who by different Boards of Admiralty was promoted for good service; Captain Hopkins, R.N.; Colonel Sir F. Worgan Festing, the present Assistant Adjutant General; and Captains Way, R.M.L.I., and Poore, R.M.A.; who were designated by the Commandants of their respective Divisions. Major Blake, the Secretary to the Committee, has been employed on Judge Advocate General's work for some years. These facts are quite consistent with my answer to the hon. Member's former Question. The hon. Member asked me if the Committee consists almost exclusively of persons connected with the Marine Office? Two members only are at present connected with that Office, and a third was connected with it eight years ago. I do not think it right at present to state what questions have been referred to the Committee.