HC Deb 23 February 1880 vol 250 cc1197-8

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether the Consul General at Salonica, until the arrival of whose final Report upon the possibility of holding a new investigation into Mr. Ogle's murder Her Majesty's Government is postponing any further endeavour to discover the authors of the crime, is the same gentleman who conducted the first abortive inquiry into the circumstances of the murder in 1878?


in reply, said, the gentleman who conducted the Inquiry in 1878, into Mr. Ogle's death, was Mr. Faweett, Her Majesty's Consul General and Judge at Constantinople. Mr. Blunt, the Consul General at Salonica, was at Volo at the time, and was originally instructed to make the Inquiry; but as he had a political mission to fulfil, to arrange terms between the Ottoman authorities and the insurgent Chiefs, he suggested that one of the legal Vice Consuls at Constantinople should be sent to carry on the examinations.