HC Deb 23 February 1880 vol 250 cc1189-90

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether any steps have been taken by Her Majesty's Government in conformity with the declaration in the 18th protocol of the Berlin Congress (Turkey, No. 39, 1878), that— The Powers represented at the Congress desire to recommend to the Sublime Porte the establishment at Constantinople of a Financial Commission composed of specialists named by their respective Governments, which Commission shall be charged to examine into the complaints of the bondholders of the Ottoman debts, and to propose the most efficacious means for satisfying them as far as is compatible with the financial situation of the Porte; whether the French Government has taken, or proposed to Her Majesty's Government to take, any action in the matter; and, what steps Her Majesty's Government propose to take?


Sir, no steps have been taken in the direction suggested by the hon. Member as yet. No representations on the subject have been received from the French Government. Her Majesty's Government are not able to say what course they may adopt until they are informed of the opinion and course of action that may be taken by other Powers.