HC Deb 23 February 1880 vol 250 c1193

asked the President of the Local Government Board, Whether the eminent and long-continued services of Dr. Farr, who, since 1838, has added so much to our knowledge of vital statistics and public health by his work in the Registrar General's Office, have received, since his resignation, any-public recognition from Her Majesty's Government, either in the form of increased pension or otherwise?


Sir, the formal steps after Dr. Farr's resignation and the consideration of his superannuation have not taken place very long. It is always necessary in cases where application for superannuation is made that the case should be carefully examined by the Superannuation Committee at the Treasury, especially if any question arises as to special pension. The question of a special pension, such as can be granted by the Lords of the Treasury under a clause in the Superannuation Act, is very difficult indeed to deal with, and requires exceeding care. There has therefore been some delay in considering this case; but after carefully examining the circumstances, this is the decision at which the Treasury have arrived— My Lords, in order to mark their appreciation of Dr. Farr's long and able services in the Registrar General's Department, have awarded him a special pension of £800 a-year; which is the full salary of his office, less the addition thereto which was personal to himself, and which will not be paid to another person holding the same office.