HC Deb 19 February 1880 vol 250 cc1019-20

Order for Committee read.

Billconsideredin Committee.

(In the Committee.)

[Progress, Clause4,16th February.]

Clause 4 (Notice to be given to Commissioners of intended injury to a monument to which this Act has been applied).

MR. MACARTNEYmoved, in page 3, line 7, to leave out all the words after the word "any" to the end of the Clause, and to insert these words— Of the persona specified in sub-sections 1 and 2, section 3, Clause 3, to make any alteration in said monument, without giving notice in writing to the Commissioners, which notice shall set out the nature of the intended alteration at least three months before beginning such alteration. If the Commissioners shall object to the intended alteration, they shall serve notice of their objection upon the person or persons specified as above who propose to make such alteration; and if, notwithstanding the service of such notice on the part of the Commissioners, such person or persons shall persevere in their intention of making such alteration in said monument, they shall servo notice in writing to that effect upon the Commissioners at least two months before beginning such alteration; whereupon the Commissioners may apply to the Court for an injunction restraining such person or persons from making such alteration, and the Court, after hearing the case, may grant or refuse such injunction upon such terms as to costs, or otherwise, as may be just.


said, that he preferred the words as they stood in the Bill. He understood, however, that the Amendment met the views of many hon. Gentlemen opposite; and, therefore, as it was desirable to pass the Bill through, if possible, with general consent, he had accepted the alteration.

Amendmentagreed to.

Remaining clauses and Schedulesagreed to,without amendment.


Billreported;as amended, to be consideredTo-morrow.

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