HC Deb 06 February 1880 vol 250 c245

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir JOHN HOLKER)moved for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Law of Bankruptcy, and for other purposes.


asked if there was any intention to refer the Bill to the Committee of last Session?


replied, that he had heard that question put before; but he was unable to find that any pledge such as that suggested was given last Session. Of course, if it was the course promised it would be taken; but he would be much obliged to his hon. Friend if he would not ask for a distinct pledge to that effect that night. The Bill was simply a consolidation Bill, and was, therefore, much shorter than the Bill of last year. He therefore hoped that it would be dealt with by the House without the delay which would arise from a reference to a Select Committee.


could assure the hon. and learned Gentleman (the Attorney General) that the pledge of which he had spoken was given; and, therefore, he hoped that the Bill would be introduced as soon as possible, in order that the measure might go to a Select Committee and be carried that Session.


said, that all the commercial Members of the House were extremely anxious to see the Bill, and to assist in rendering it effectual. Speaking for himself, he could assure the Government that he regarded this as no Party question. He was sure the hon. and learned Gentleman would do good service if he would introduce this Bill, and refer it as soon as possible to a Select Committee. That would facilitate its progress through the House, and enable him much sooner to come to an accord with the commercial men of the country.

Motionagreed to.

Bill to amend the Law of Bankruptcy; and for other purposes relating thereto,orderedto he brought in by Mr. ATTORNEY GENERAL and Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL.

Billpresented,and read the first time. [Bill 3.]