HC Deb 30 August 1880 vol 256 cc646-7

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether it be the fact that the Treasury intend to alter the practice hitherto pursued of granting pensions to officers transferred by "The Prisons Act, 1877," from the local prison service, to that practised under "The Superannuation Act, 1854;" and, is the change one which can be reconciled with. "The Prisons Act, 1877," sec. 36, which secures to existing officers their offices by the same tenure and upon the same terms and conditions as if the Act had not passed?


The practice with regard to pensions of prison officers before the passing of the Act of 1877 was guided by Section 15 of the Act of 1865, which provides that the Justices may grant to an officer, "having regard to his length of service," an annuity "not exceeding two-thirds of his salary." As this provision leaves the amount which may be granted to the discretion of the prison authorities, it was thought desirable, in order to prevent future misunderstanding, to lay down at once a definite rule for calculating pensions in future. With regard, therefore, to pensions, or portions of pensions, payable in respect of services before the passing of the Prisons Act of 1877, which are chargeable on local funds, the Treasury has addressed a Circular to the local authorities with a view to ascertain what amount they will be prepared to pay in each case. With regard to pensions, or portions of pensions, payable in respect to services after the passing of the Prisons Act which are chargeable on Imperial funds, the Treasury will calculate them on the same terms as the pensions of the rest of the Civil Service—namely, l–60th of salary and emoluments for every year of service, under the Superannuation Act of 1859. In the event of the local authorities declining to settle the amount payable by themselves, the Treasury will assess that portion of the pensions also on the same terms as those of the rest of the Civil Service. My hon. and learned Friend will see, therefore, that there will be no alteration of the terms and conditions of the tenure of their offices by prison officers in respect to pensions.