HC Deb 30 August 1880 vol 256 c642

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether any, and if any, what steps had been taken to inquire into the circumstances attending the murder in South Africa of Messrs. Cadenhead and Carter, while travelling under the protection of letters addressed to all persons of influence in the region traversed by them both from the Sultan of Zanzibar and from H.M. Consul, Dr. Kirk?


Messrs. Cadenhead and Carter were employed by the Belgian International Association; but Dr. Kirk, Her Majesty's Agent and Consul General at Zanzibar, was instructed by the Foreign Office to render all assistance in his power to the expeditions sent out by the Society, and he has done so; but he was not able to insure protection or safety to these gentlemen or to any other British subjects travelling among the savage tribes in the interior of Africa. Dr. Kirk has reported by telegraph that the Sultan of Zanzibar has sent a force to the scene of the murder, under the command of Lieutenant Mathews, E.N., an officer who has been allowed to take temporary service with His Highness. Dr. Kirk will, without doubt, endeavour to obtain the fullest information respecting the unfortunate occurrence; but, as far as it is known, the territory where the murder took place is not under the authority of the Sultan of Zanzibar.