HC Deb 26 August 1880 vol 256 cc88-9

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether Mr. Donald Larnach of Brambletye, Sussex, having been pricked to serve as High Sheriff for Sussex, did not excuse himself from so doing on the ground of important business in Australia, preventing his serving the office in the year 1880 and 1881; whether he did not offer to pay the sum of £500 if excused; and, whether he has ever paid such fine, or has since his statement proceeded to Australia?


Sir, the list of Sheriffs for this year was settled under the late Government, and was pricked by Her Majesty on February 26. Mr. Larnach was not pricked as Sheriff for Sussex. That gentleman's name had been first on the list; but he applied to be excused from serving during this year on the ground of ill-health, his application being supported by a medical certificate. His excuse was allowed, and his name was placed second on the list. Since the Sheriffs were pricked for this year Mr. Larnach has made a fresh application to be excused from serving next year also, on the ground that he has been recommended to proceed to Australia in October, in order that he may pass the winter in a warmer climate. This application will be considered in November, when the Lords of the Council meet to nominate the Sheriff's for the ensuing year. In these circumstances, it is unnecessary to say that there has been no question of a fine of £500.