HC Deb 26 August 1880 vol 256 cc102-3

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is it true that Mr. Whelan, R.M. has reported that Sub-Inspector Webb, now stationed at Dungannon, is totally inefficient; and, if so, whether he intends to act on this representation by superseding him; and, whether he has yet instructed the police authorities to arrest the publican, Simpson, who was sworn by John M'Cann to have fired the shot which killed O'Rorke?


In reference to the first part of the hon. Member's Question, I have to state that I am not aware, nor ever heard, of Mr. Whelan's Report relative to Sub-Inspector Webb. When I was in Dublin last week I saw Mr. Ryan, the resident magistrate, who had the direction of the police at Dungannon; and he informed me that, in his opinion, Sub-Inspector Webb exercised great forbearance and judgment during the riots, and showed great courage. With respect to the second part of the Question, I must refer the hon. Member to my right hon. and learned Friend the Attorney General for Ireland, as it does not come within the province of the Chief Secretary.


With respect to the hon. Member's further Question, I may say that I have called on the Sessional Crown Solicitor to give me a full Report of the proceedings with respect to the Dungannon riots, and to state what steps have been taken against the rioters. When I receive his Report I shall be able to give the hon. Member the information he asks.