HC Deb 26 August 1880 vol 256 cc96-7

asked the Secretary of State for India, Whether the forts and fortifications erected at Sherpur by General Roberts have been demolished, or whether they have been handed over intact to Abdur Rahman; and, whether any guns or rifles have been given to him; and, if so, of what description? He also asked the noble Lord a Question with reference to a statement which had appeared in the "Western Morning News."


Sir, I received a telegram some time ago from the Viceroy, stating that General Stewart had determined to leave the forts and fortifications erected round Cabul and not to destroy them when Cabul was occupied by Abdur Rahman Khan. A certain number of guns have been handed over to him. They consist of smooth-bore iron guns and some breech-loading field guns, of Afghan manufacture. No rifles or small arms have been made over to Abdurrahman Khan. I have received private Notice from the hon. and gallant Member for Devonport (Captain Price) of the Question which the right hon. and learned Gentleman has just put to me. I have just seen the report in reference to the statement in The Western Morning News; but we have received from India no confirmation whatever of the statement contained in that report.