HC Deb 27 May 1879 vol 246 c1360

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether he will lay upon the Table the Cyprus Ordinance of the present year, which enables the government of Cyprus to exile without trial any persons whatever?


I stated a few days ago that all the Ordinances passed by the Government of Cyprus would be placed in the Library, and I shall be glad to carry out the promise in a short time. We have not got them all yet, and I do not think there is any necessity for making an exception in the case of the Ordinance alluded to by my hon. Friend. I cannot quite accept the description given by the hon. Baronet of the particular Ordinance to which he refers as one allowing the Government of Cyprus to "exile without trial any persons whatever." It gives power to the High Commissioner, with the consent of the Legislative Council, to pass a resolution stating that any person whose presence in that Island is likely, in their opinion, to be prejudicial to the good order or safety of the Island should not be allowed to reside there. That is the purport of the Ordinance in question, and it will, I hope, be in the Library in a few days.