HC Deb 27 May 1879 vol 246 c1352

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions [May 26] reported—CIVIL SERVICES, Classes I. to VII., and REVENUE DEPARTMENTS.

PRIVATE BILLS (by Order)—Third Reading—Birkenhead Tramways*; British Fisheries Society (Pulteney Harbour, & c.)*; Downham and Stoke Ferry Railway*; London, Chatham, and Dover Railway (Sevenoaks Railway Purchase)*; London Street Tramways*; Stourbridge Gas*; Walton-on-the-Naze and Frinton Improvement*; West Lancashire Railway*, and passed.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution [May 26] reported,Ordered—East India Loan [Consolidated Fund],

Second Reading—Local Government (Highways) Provisional Orders (Dorset, & c.)* [186]; Local Government (Highways) Provisional Orders (Gloucester and Hereford)* [185]; Tramways Orders Confirmation* [187].

CommitteeReport—Metropolis (Little Coram Street, Bloomsbury, Wells Street, Poplar, and Great Peter Street, Westminster) Improvement Provisional Orders Confirmation [l75]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Castleton by Rochdale, & c.)* [160]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Killarney, & c.)* [178]; Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirmation (Brighton and Preston, & c.)* [177]; Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (London)* [176].

Considered as amended—Hypothec Abolition (Scotland) [119], debate adjourned.

Third Reading—Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Clonmel, & c.)* [166]; Local Government Provisional Order (Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings)* [159]; Gas and Water Provisional Orders Confirmation* [136]; Local Government Provisional Order (Abergavenny)* [137]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Aysgarth Union, & c.)* [142], and passed.

The House met at Two of the clock.

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