HC Deb 26 May 1879 vol 246 cc1265-6

I beg to give Notice that to-morrow I shall move as an Amendment to the Motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the adjournment for the Holidays— That inasmuch as the consent of Parliament to the annexation of the Transvaal was obtained by representations which have been proved to be unfounded, and whereas no valid reason exists for preferring the discontented objection to the friendly alliance of the inhabitants of that territory, this House is of opinion that the Imperial pledge which was pledged, and which has been broken, ought to be retrieved without delay by the restoration to its former independence of the South African Republic.


I must point out to the hon. Member that upon the Motion of which the Chancellor of the Exchequer has given Notice for to-morrow no Amendment can be moved, except with reference to the time of the adjournment.


said, he would pursue his object in a form that would bring it within the Rules of the House.