HC Deb 22 May 1879 vol 246 c1014

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether the Westminster Improvement Commissioners, appointed by "The Westminster Improvement and Incumbered Estate Act, 1861," to forthwith wind-up the affairs of the Commissioners appointed by "The Westminster Improvement Act,1845," have concluded their labours; if not, when it is expected they will do so; and, whether the Report and Accounts, which were required by "The Westminster Improvement Act, 1847," to be rendered half-yearly, have been so rendered; and, if so, whether the Government will lay the same before Parliament?


The Commissioners have not yet concluded their labours, and possibly it may take three or four years to realize the remainder of the estate and to pay off the incumbrances. The Commissioners state that they furnished accounts to the Office of Works—then Woods and Works—up to the 16th of November, 1849, at which date their obligation to do so ceased by the operation of 11 & 12 Vict. c. 124. I may add that the Chairmanship of the Commissioners being vacant, I appointed Sir Henry Hunt to that post about 18 months ago, with the view of winding-up the affairs of the estate; and from communications I have had with him, I am sure he will spare no exertion to carry into effect that object with as little delay as possible.