HC Deb 12 May 1879 vol 246 cc132-3

I find, Sir, that an interpretation has been placed upon the Resolution of which I have given Notice for to-morrow other than that which it was my intention to put upon it. It has been understood to imply a censure upon the Crown. Nothing is further from my intention; and, as my hon. Friend the Member for Dundee (Mr. E. Jenkins) has given a Notice which meets my view perfectly, without being liable to any such interpretation, I beg to intimate that I shall either alter my Resolution in accordance with the Notice of the hon. Member, or accept his Resolution tomorrow evening.

Subsequently, Mr. Dillwyn gave Notice as follows:— Constitutional Usage (Functions of the Sovereign),—That, to prevent the growing abuse by Her Majesty's Ministers of the prerogative and influence of the Crown, and consequent augmentation of the power of the Government in enabling them, under cover of the supposed personal interposition of the Sovereign, to withdraw from the cognizance and control of this House matters relating to policy and expen- diture properly within the scope of its powers and privileges, it is necessary that the mode and limits of the action of the prerogative should he more strictly observed.