HC Deb 08 May 1879 vol 245 cc2055-6

opposed the nomination of the Committee on the ground that he had not had an opportunity of considering the names which had been proposed. He also desired the opinion of Mr. Speaker upon the following point:—Some few days ago he had stated to the Clerk at the Table that it was his intention to oppose the nomination of this Committee; but he had been somewhat surprised to find that the Papers issued contained no Notice of his Motion. On pointing out the omission, he had been told that he had given Notice of opposition some days before the names were made known, and, until that was done, his Notice of opposition could not appear. He asked in what way hon. Members were to know with certainty when a Committee was going to be nominated, and in what way they were to announce to the other Members of the House their intention to oppose the nomination other than by giving Notice at the Table?


It is obvious that no Notice of opposition to names could be received until those names were before the House.


was disposed to agree with the view expressed by the hon. Member for Nottingham (Mr. Isaac), that the Committee was not one which ought to be nominated that evening. The names on the Paper were far too favourable, in his opinion, to the sugar interest.


asked whether the mere fact of an hon. Member rising in his place to object to a Motion being proceeded with was a sufficient reason for its postponement?


If the hon. Member for the Tower Hamlets (Mr. Ritchie) will refer to the Resolution with regard to Opposed Business, he will see at once that it applies to the present Motion. The words of the Resolution are these— That, except for a Money Bill, no Order of the Day or Notice of Motion he taken after half-past Twelve of the clock, with respect to which. Order or Notice of Motion a notice of opposition or Amendment shall have been printed in the Notice Paper, or if such Notice of Motion shall only have been given the next previous day of sitting, and objection shall he taken when such Notice is called.

Nomination postponed.