HC Deb 02 May 1879 vol 245 c1581

Leave given to the Committee on the Glasgow Municipal Extension, &c. Bill to make a Special Report.

Special Report brought up, and read, as followeth:— That in the case of the Glasgow Municipal Extension, &c. Bill, the Committee had agreed to the following Special Report:— In the course of the inquiry into the matters referred to the Committee, it was alleged by the Promoters of the Bill that it had been ascertained that a Petition of Owners and Occupiers of Property against the Bill contained forged Signatures. The Committee considered it to be their duty to inquire into this allegation, as it appeared to them to contain a charge of contravention of the Rules and Orders of the House amounting to a breach of privilege. Witnesses were therefore summoned before the Committee, from whom it was elicited that a breach of privilege has undoubtedly been committed. It is therefore the duty of the Committee to report the same to the House, and to state that they decided that the Petitioners could not be heard on a Petition found to have been prepared and signed without due regard to the Rules and Orders of the House.


With reference to the Report which has just been read, I wish to give Notice that I shall call attention to the matter referred to therein on Monday next, and move a Resolution.

Special Report to be taken into Consideration upon Monday next, and to be printed.

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