HC Deb 01 May 1879 vol 245 c1492

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Canterbury, v. Lewis Ashurst Majendie, esquire, Chiltern Hundreds.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Lighting by Electricity, Mr. Adam discharged, Sir David Wedderburn added.

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in CommitteeResolution [April 3] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Public Health (Scotland) Provisional Order (Bothwell)*.

OrderedFirst Reading—Marriages Confirmation (Her Majesty's Ships) [149].

First Reading—Local Courts of Bankruptcy (Ireland)* [146].

Committee—Army Discipline and Regulation [88]—R.P.; Companies Acts Amendment 102]—R.P.; Parliamentary Burghs (Scotland)* [97]—R.P.

CommitteeReport—Prosecution of Offences [68–147]; Banking Laws Amendment* [73–148].

Third Reading—Public Health (Scotland) Provisional Order (Castle Douglas)* [120], and passed.

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