HC Deb 20 March 1879 vol 244 cc1307-8

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether returned Government rifles and revolvers are now sold by public tender; and, whether, in view of the fact that many of these are purchased for a few shillings and shipped to Africa, the Government will consider the advisability of discontinuing such sale?


Sir, in answer to the Question of the hon. Member, I have to say that no revolvers or breech-loading arms have been sold that I am aware of. There have been two public sales of muzzle-loading rifles, all of which were unserviceable, and for the most part unsafe. These sales took place last year, and no fur- ther sales are contemplated at present. I may add, as no doubt my hon. Friend is very well aware, that a large quantity of breech-loading arms are yearly sold in Europe and America, which may possibly find their way to the African market. As regards the price of the arms sold, I cannot give a precise answer; but I think 5s. or 6s. each would be the nearest sum. I could fix.