HC Deb 18 March 1879 vol 244 c1161

Sir, I beg to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether there is any truth in the statements which appear in the papers to-day, that in Belfast there has been a collision between the police and some persons who took part in a procession yesterday?


At the same time, I may be allowed to ask the right hon. Gentleman, If there is any truth in a telegram posted up in the Library, to the effect that last night, at a soirée of Catholic inhabitants of Derry, there was thrown down through the glass skylight a cartridge box loaded with powder and fired with a fuse, which exploded among the persons assembled below?


, in reply, said, that with respect to the Question of the hon. Member for Tralee (the O'Donoghue), he was sorry to say that a collision had occurred in Belfast between persons engaged in riotous conduct and the constabulary. He had not heard the full particulars, but he was in hopes the collision was only slight. With regard to the other matter referred to by the hon. and learned Member for Louth (Mr. Sullivan), he had heard nothing of it. He did not know whether the statement was true or not.