HC Deb 13 March 1879 vol 244 c881

reminded the Secretary of State for War that, with regard to a Motion of the hon. and learned Member for Limerick (Mr. O'Shaughnessy) in reference to that Bill, he had stated that he accepted the principle of the Motion, which declared that there existed a necessity for its careful consideration, on condition that no opposition was offered to the renewal of the present Mutiny Act. He also asked the right hon. and gallant Gentleman to recollect that hon. Members on his side of the House expected him to bring forward the Bill early, and afford opportunities, both on the second reading and in Committee, for working it into a practical measure. As the Bill contained many imperfections, and had not been satisfactorily considered, he hoped the Secretary of State for War would that evening give them some assurance that the Army Discipline and Regulation Bill would be brought forward for second reading as soon as possible, in order to enable hon. Members to consider it fully, and place Amendments upon the Paper.


said, he had accepted the Amendment of the hon. and learned Member for Limerick in the same sense as that in which it was offered—namely, with a wish to facilitate the Business of the House. He was very anxious that no time should be lost in the consideration of the Army Discipline and Regulation Bill. The time of year was advancing, and it was necessary that the Supplementary Estimates should be passed, in order to take the Vote for the money for the pay of the Army. He had arranged that the Bill should be brought in without delay.


inquired if it were correct to bring on the Bill before the men and money had been voted?


replied that the men had been already voted.

Second Reading deferred till To-morrow.