HC Deb 13 March 1879 vol 244 cc819-20

ashed the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Is it true that the town inspector of Belfast has been asked to delay his resignation in order that Mr. Reid may qualify for the post, to the exclusion of one of the thirty-five constabulary officers years senior to Mr. Reid?


I have only been able to communicate by telegraph with Dublin since the hon. and gallant Gentleman gave Notice of his Question, so that I am not in possession as yet of many details relating to the subject. For instance, I am not aware what the age is of the Mr. Reid to whom reference is made, or what degree of qualification he would require to go through for any such post as the one alluded to. In fact, I do not happen at this moment to know anything at all about him. I understand, however, that the Town Inspector of Belfast was requested to defer his resignation on the ground that it was considered undesirable in the interests of the Public Service that a change should occur at the time that it was first mooted.