HC Deb 03 March 1879 vol 244 c10

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether an official notice was published in the autumn of 1878 from the Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Larnaca in Cyprus to the following effect: His Excellency the Lord High Commissioner desires that the business of the Court should be conducted without recognizing any Consular jurisdiction. If cases occur in which Consular intervention or jurisdiction is involved, the parties must be informed that the authority of Foreign Consuls in these matters cannot be allowed to interpose itself, and the ordinary procedure of the Courts is that to which all persons in the island must submit; and, whether the Frankish powers entitled to exercise Consular jurisdiction in Cyprus under the capitulations have informed Her Majesty's Government that they agree to waive their rights?


With regard to the first Question, I have to state that Her Majesty's Commissioner in Cyprus has not reported the publication of any official notice containing any such statement as that which has just been read by the hon. Baronet. As to the second Question, I have to state that communications have passed between some of the Powers and Her Majesty's Government upon the most convenient mode of dealing with the question of foreign jurisdiction in Cyprus; but no communication of the nature referred to in the Question of the hon. Baronet has reached Her Majesty's Government from any Power.