HC Deb 30 June 1879 vol 247 cc958-9

asked the Secretary of State for War, If he will state the circumstances under which the War Office about a year and a half ago bought a large parcel of Dutch hay, kept it for over a year, and then sold it again; what price it cost per ton, including freight and other expenses, and what price per ton was realised for it, deducting interest, storeage, and other expenses; why the hay was not used; and, whether none has been bought since that parcel was sold?


in reply, said, that the hay was bought, not by the War Department, as the hon. Member supposed, but by the Admiralty. The War Department merely lent an officer for the purpose of inspection. The price paid was, he believed, £5 15s. a-ton, and some of it was sold as low as 10s. a-ton, for unsound hay. Other particulars desired by the hon. Member were not in his possession; and perhaps the hon. Gentleman would repeat his Question, and address it to his right hon. Friend the First Lord of the Admiralty.


said, he would put a Question on the subject to the First Lord of the Admiralty; but he could not see why the Admiralty should buy hay, unless it was for the Horse Marines.