HC Deb 26 June 1879 vol 247 c692

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether his attention has been called to a letter in Monday's "Daily News," in which it is stated, partly on the authority of Bishop Colenso, that two well-known Zulu messengers, who had been sent with "a most conciliatory message from Cetewayo," had been imprisoned and kept in prison for seven weeks; that during the last four months Cetewayo had made repeated overtures for peace, and that in more than one instance his messengers had been treated with great indignity; and, whether the Right honourable Gentleman can give any information to the House to confirm or contradict these statements.


Sir, I have communicated to the House, from time to time, such information as I have received with respect to overtures for peace which it was stated had been made by Cetewayo. I do not know that "in more than one instance his messengers have been treated with great indignity." I have heard from a despatch received a few days ago from Sir Henry Bulwer, that two messengers were improperly detained in March last for a considerable time, owing to some mistake; but I believe that, when dismissed, they expressed themselves as grateful for the kind treatment they had received.