HC Deb 23 June 1879 vol 247 cc418-9

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If there is any truth in the following paragraph, which appeared in the " Cork Examiner" of the 13th instant, in reference to the Limerick coronership:— "The Irish Chief Secretary has telegraphed to a prominent Conservative gentleman of Limerick respecting the probabilities of the election to the office of coroner of John Sarsfleld Casey, ex-Fenian prisoner. The Irish Attorney General was consulted this evening as to the legality of the candidature, and the possibility of invalidating the election should Mr. Casey be chosen. The delay in filling the office is owing solely to the knowledge that such a candidate would be in the field with the prospect of securing a majority of the votes. Inquiries had been made on the subject, but it is believed the Government were misinformed, or they would have allowed the vacancy to continue still longer. whether, if Mr. Casey, who possesses the necessary property qualification, should be chosen, his election can be invalidated; and, whether the Irish Government will take the necessary steps to have the election carried out without further delay?


Before the Question is answered, I would wish to ask if it is not a fact that the Lord Chancellor of Ireland is affording every facility for having the writ issued at the earliest possible opportunity?


Sir, the newspaper paragraph, which is quoted, I presume, correctly, but which I do not happen to have ever seen myself, has not a word of truth in it from beginning to end. The facts of the case are that the attention of the Government was called to the vacancy by the hon. Member for Dundalk (Mr. Callan), and I addressed a communication last month to the Lieutenant of the county, Lord Emly, requesting that the necessary steps should be taken for filling it up. This is all that I can do in the matter. As to the qualification, legal or otherwise, of any candidate, I have no information, and would rather express no opinion at present.