HC Deb 23 June 1879 vol 247 cc420-1

asked the Financial Secretary of the War Department, Whether his attention has been called to the fact that, while Adjutants of Artillery, Engineer, and Rifle Volunteers, who are Captains in the Army, receive pay at regimental rates, Adjutants of Yeomanry, Light Horse, and Mounted Rifle Volunteers receive pay at ten shillings, in some cases only at seven shillings, a-day, the Adjutants of Mounted Corps, who have numerous extra duties to perform without any assistance whatever, being thus in a worse position than those of other branches?


Sir, the difference in the rate of pay and allowances between adjutants of Light Horse and Mounted Rifle Volunteers on the one side and adjutants of Artillery, Engineers, and Rifle Volunteers on the other side, is owing to the fact that the latter officers have recruiting duties for the Regular Army to perform, and having higher duties, have also a higher rate of pay. The pay of adjutants of the Yeomanry was materially increased in 1876, in accordance with the recommendation of the Yeomanry Committee. The pay is less than that of captains of Cavalry, but the duties are less; and the adjutants of Yeomanry have only to provide one horse, while the captains of Cavalry have to provide three.