HC Deb 23 June 1879 vol 247 c417

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether any and what sums have been issued by the Treasury to the account of the Admiralty for Colonial Defence under the powers of " The Colonial Docks (Loans) Act, 1865," and at what Colonial Ports have such sums been expended; and, whether any applications for loans under the above-named Act have been made and refused; and, if so, by what Colonies such applications have been made, and on what grounds they have been refused?


Sir, the Colonial Docks (Loans) Act of 1865 in no way relates to Colonial defences. The Act was passed to enable loans to be made to Colonies in aid of the formation of docks of dimensions greater than would be requisite for private or commercial purposes, and so render them available for men-of-war. Under this Act, £12,000 has been loaned to the Whampoa Dock Company and £20,000 to the Anglo-Maltese Hydraulic Dock Company at Malta. No applications have been received and refused.