HC Deb 23 June 1879 vol 247 cc414-5

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether he has taken into consideration the statements contained in the Petition of the Londonderry Board of Guardians, a copy of which was presented to him on the 11th February, as to the expensive mode of carrying out "The Explosives Act, 1875," in the rural districts, five in- spectors in the area of that board having been appointed at the aggregate salary of £47 10s. per annum, whose duties are confined to the inspection of (in all) four retail shops registered for the sale of gunpowder, having a probable sale of £ 10 worth of gunpowder in the year only; whether similar representations have not been made by other Boards of Guardians in Petitions and otherwise; and, whether the Government is prepared to take steps to remove such grievance by transferring the duty of inspection to the sanitary officers of the Union or to the constabulary?


Sir, the Government have received the Petition from Londonderry, to which the hon. Gentleman refers, on the subject of the manner of carrying out in Ireland the Explosives Act of 1875, and they have also received communications from other quarters which have their careful attention. On the whole, I am disposed to concur with the hon. Gentleman in thinking that the constabulary would be the best authority to carry out the duty of inspection. If, therefore, there is a general concurrence of opinion in that direction, I should be prepared to introduce a Bill upon the subject; hut if it is to give rise to controversy, I should hesitate to embark upon the question at this period of the Session.