HC Deb 13 June 1879 vol 246 c1810

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, If his attention has been called to an illegal lottery that has been extensively advertised to take place in Dublin, on the 26th Juno, under the superintendence of the High Sheriff and other magistrates; if he is aware that the Law against lotteries makes no exception in favour of lotteries for good objects, those for the City of Glasgow Bank and the West of England Bank charities; having been at once suppressed by the authorities; and, if Irish magistrates are to be allowed to set this law at defiance, or if he will take stops to have this illegal lottery also suppressed?


Sir, my attention has been called by the Question to the bazaar and drawing of prizes advertised to be held in Dublin on the 26th instant. I am aware that the law against the advertising and publishing of lotteries does not purport to make any exceptions. I need hardly say that Irish High Sheriffs and magistrates enjoy no special immunities, and are in the same position as Scotch and English Sheriffs and magistrates. I think it is very probable that some of the gentlemen whose names appear in this advertisement did not read it attentively; and, indeed, I should not be surprised if some had not read it at all. The Crown and Treasury Solicitors in Ireland will, however, inquire into the circumstances of the advertisement referred to. I may add that I think lotteries for large sums of money, or for articles convertible into large sums of money, are open to much objection, and I hope that the public attention which has been called to this matter will be productive of good results.