HC Deb 11 June 1879 vol 246 c1695

Select Committee appointed, "to inquire into the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1866–1869, their administration, operation, and effect:—Mr. CAVENDISH BENTINCK, Mr. STANSFELD, Colonel ALEXANDER, Sir HARCOURT JOHNSTONE, Viscount CRICHTON, Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, General SHUTE, Mr. BURT, Mr. BULWER, Mr. O'SHAUGHNESSY, and Five Members to be nominated by the Committee of Selection:—Power to send for persons, papers, and records; Five to be the quorum.

Ordered, That all Reports and Returns thereto relating be referred to the said Committee.

Ordered, That it be an Instruction to the Committee, that they have power to receive Evidence which may be tendered concerning similar systems in British Colonics or in other Countries, and to report whether the said Contagious Acts should be maintained, extended, amended, or repealed.—(Colonel Stanley.)

House adjourned at five minutes before Six o'clock.