HC Deb 18 July 1879 vol 248 c758

I wish, Sir, to ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether he can give the House any information in regard to the peace negotiations in South Africa, beyond that which he gave very late last night; and, also, whether he has had his attention drawn to the statement in The Daily Telegraph of this morning, that Sir Garnet Wolseley had interfered with, or, it may be said, overruled, the action of Lord Chelmsford in regard to these negotiations?


Yes, Sir, I am now in a position to give the House fuller information than I could give this morning, in reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Swansea (Mr. Dillwyn). It appears, from the telegrams I will read, that Sir Garnet Wolseley has taken a somewhat different course with regard to communications from Cetywayo to that taken by Lord Chelmsford. [For Telegrams, see ante pp. 731–732.]